Jameis Winston Throws Terrible Interception, Then Forces Fumble

Jameis Winston's a star athlete in two sports, but it looks like the reigning Heisman winner could play both ways on the gridiron, too. Here's the Seminoles QB making a truly regrettable decision, then making up for it by forcing the fumble. He's still got a two-touchdown deficit from which to dig his team, though. » 10/30/14 9:32pm Yesterday 9:32pm

There's also the whole part where the runner's feet are parallel to the bag, whereas his hands are not and thus must cover a greater distance to reach the bag than a foot does (that distance being the square root of the sum of the distance to first base squared and the distance between the ground and the runner's hand… » 10/30/14 1:34pm Yesterday 1:34pm

No, Alex Gordon Could Not Have Scored On The Misplayed Ball

Alex Gordon's ninth-inning, two-out single left Kansas City with the tying run 90 feet from home plate thanks to Gregor Blanco's colossal misplay in the outfield. Some, however, have begun the hand-wringing that maybe Gordon could have scored, had he sprinted the entire way and been sent from third. We're here to put… » 10/30/14 12:04am Yesterday 12:04am

Giants Win World Series With Five-Inning Bumgarner Relief Performance

The San Francisco Giants won their third World Series in five years thanks to Madison Bumgarner's brilliant five-inning relief performance—one that required him to strand a man on third thanks to some lousy outfield defense in the bottom of the ninth. Here's how the final out sounded; above is Pablo Alsina on Fox… » 10/29/14 11:28pm Wednesday 11:28pm

PR Guy Pulls Colt McCoy Away From ESPN Deportes Interview: "No Means No"

Colt McCoy was the hero of tonight's big Washington win over Dallas, and so it figures that he'd be doing the run through of all the ESPN networks—given they hold the broadcast rights to Monday Night games, after all. Turns out a PR handler doesn't want McCoy talking to ESPN's Spanish-language Deportes network, though. » 10/27/14 11:52pm Monday 11:52pm

This dynamic is similar to what happened to yogurt during the dumb reactionary anti-fat craze of the '80s and '90s: Manufacturers removed fat from yogurt and replaced it with sugar and weirdo space chemicals, resulting in nominally health-minded products that, in actual fact, weren't so different from lancing your…

» 10/27/14 2:35pm Monday 2:35pm